momofuku milk bar – New York, NY

momofuku milk bar – New York, NY

After our ever so satisfying lunch at momofuku noodle bar, we walked a few blocks to David Chang’s milk bar (yes…we are that glutinous) and indulged in a few treats that our friends recommended.

Oh the choices!  Thank god we already had recommendations.The first…a Compost Cookie which my good friend Jamie from jamie of all trades aka JOAT blogged about AND that my good friend Jen from Sweet Jennies sent me after one of her NYC trips.  Thanks girls!The second…birthday truffles.  Another recommendation from Jen.  Holy $#@! these are good!  I typically don’t like overly sweet things (and I could only eat half of one) but these are outrageously good and I would get them again.  I just found out you can order them online too.  Great treat to send a friend!Ira happy with his cereal milk:)

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