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Kintaro – Vancouver, BC

Back in July my husband and I went on a eating tour of Vancouver with the chefs from Revel.  Talk about my perfect weekend:)  We started off with some of the most satisfying ramen I’ve had outside of Tokyo at Kintaro in West Vancouver.  Open for lunch and dinner (closed on Mondays), this place is known to be one of the best ramen houses in Vancouver however don’t expect much for decor.  People come here for the food, not the ambiance.  And know that once you order there’s no going back…everything is already set in motion.

The first time we ate there we were seated at the bar overlooking the whole production line of what was to become our bowls of ramen.  I’m not a big “fat” person so I opted for the vegetable ramen (safe I know) rather than the fatty pork ramen which everyone else in the group ordered.  You have the choice of how fatty you’d like your meat and how fatty you want your broth to be.  At least there are options:)  *On our second trip there we ordered the gyoza which are delicious…I definitely recommend those!

Don’t expect to finish the whole bowl…it’s endless but you can take the rest with you to go.

All the broth working awayAll of our bowls being assembledTah-dah…my ramen!

Granville Island Public Market – Vancouver, BC

On an eating tour of Vancouver this summer (you think I’m kidding?) we stumbled upon the Granville Island Public Market for the first time.  Having now discovered it I’m so excited to go back and spend more quality time there taking my time up and down each aisle really exploring the different stalls and vendors.  Everything looked so perfect and fresh…you can tell there’s and excellent standard of quality there.

Think Pike Place Market meets The Ferry Building in SF…that’s what this food lovers heaven is like and I love it!  Do yourself a favor and visit it on an empty stomach because there’s plenty to try and a ton of variety so you won’t want just one thing.

Sachi Sushi – Whistler, BC

There’s one thing that Whistler has a lot of besides snow…amazing sushi spots!  It’s hard to choose which one to go to but Sachi Sushi is at the top of my list.  It’s a laid back spot that’s not on the main drag in the village but worth finding.  There’s typically a little wait but tables turn over pretty quickly and you can get a drink while you wait.

Something worth mentioning that I don’t have a picture of is the Spicy Agedashi Tofu…whoa!  I saw a guy next to me eating this at the bar and had to ask what it was.  Ever since I’ve been hooked.  It’s deep fried tofu and fresh shiitake mushrooms with spicy sachi sauce.  Yum!

Hello sockeye salmon sashimi!!!  I could eat a TON of this.

Hako Sushi – salmon, shrimp, scallop, avocado, thinly sliced lemon, spicy mayo, shaped into a box.  It took me a while to find this roll but I LOVE it!  There’s something about the thin slice of lemon on top…it adds such a brightness to the roll.

Cupcake Roll – avocado, sweet potato tempura roll topped with spicy mayo and edamame

Mongolie Grill – Whistler, BC

Oh wow…how do I put into words how much I love this place?!  Mongolie Grill is THE perfect place to stop for lunch after a great day of skiing.  Never before had I been to a restaurant set up in such a way.  You grab a bowl, go through a buffet of fresh veggies, noodles, meats, sauces and then you hand it to the person working the grill where they weight it and grill it to perfection.  It’s my kind of place.  I can make my own creation without feeling like an annoying restaurant patron who “wants this, but would like to substitute this with that and if it’s okay I’d like to add that as well”…you see!

My words of advice for this place are BE CAREFUL of how much you put in your bowl.  It adds up quickly and is expensive considering the price is based on weight!  So with that in mind, be conscious and smart about which foods weight more.  You can be smart about it if you try.  And in most instances…your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach.  Another thing to keep in mind…brown or white rice is complimentary so if you’re looking for a starch just use the rice rather than noodles.  I never do that because I like the noodles but just FYI!

*A little bit of advice…lunch is 20% off in comparison to dinner so go early in the day and save!

Before it goes on the grill…

The grill guy at work on our concoctions


Crepe Montagne – Whistler, BC

One of our favorite breakfast spots in Whistler is Crepe Montagne.  Honestly, there aren’t a ton of places I can recommend for breakfast in the village but this place is always a must when we’re in town.

I always order the same thing…the Rockies crepe with sautéed mushrooms added.  My husband on the other hand always gets the French Toast.  If you’re ever in Whistler…Crepe Montagne should be on your food to-do list!  There can be a wait so don’t be discouraged.  It’s a small place and unfortunately a lot of people know it’s there but I promise it will be worth it.

 Rockies Crepe: 2 eggs (I get mine scrambled), ham, three cheeses and green onions.  *I also add sautéed mushrooms on top.

Bearfoot Bistro – Whistler, BC Canada

I just returned from spending 6 weeks in Whistler working at Bearfoot Bistro to complete my Le Cordon Bleu culinary education.  I chose to do my externship there with Executive Chef Melissa Craig because I’ve been fortunate enough to experience dinner there a handful of times and have said that it was one of my top 5 meals of all time.  That’s saying a lot!  There’s something about the way Chef Craig composes her menus using as much local ingredients as possible bringing together the unexpected.  Absolutely delicious and worth the trip and money.  Go for a special event if you need to justify the price:)

There are two menu options – the prefix 3 course menu where you choose a starter, entree and dessert.  The other is the chef’s menu which is a 5 course tasting menu.  If you’re adventuresome try the chef’s menu.  You can let your server know if there are things you don’t care for or have allergies to.

Price: $$$$

Cuisine: Modern Canadian

Noteworthy for: their state of the art wine/champagne cellar where you can saber a bottle of champagne and their oh-so-chilly negative 18 degrees celsius Belvedere vodka room.  Pictures in this room turn out great by the way!

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