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Café Salina – Bronte, Sydney, Australia

Just off the plane in Sydney for the first time, my good friend Lauren picked me up from the airport and took me here for “brekkie”…what they call breakfast in Australia.  The location and view couldn’t have been better.  Situation right above Bronte Beach, Café Salina offers delicious breakfast and lunch options and even have gluten free bread options which you don’t see everywhere.  I absolutely loved what I ordered and would get it again in a heartbeat (Breakfast Bruschetta) but if I were there for lunch I would love to try the Grilled Prawn Salad or the Seafood Platter for 2…yum!

Bronte Beach

We started with the seasonal and tropical fruit plate…fruit is so much better in warm tropical places

Breakfast Bruschetta – ricotta, avocado, mushrooms and roast tomatoes served on sourdough (I substituted gluten free toast and added a poached egg)

Porta Via – Beverly Hills, CA

A new found breakfast spot…and I like it!  I’ll be totally honest, there were probably only 4 tables filled while we were there and they service was painfully slow but the food was excellent and I would definitely go back.  Nothing about the menu (lunch and dinner included) is crazy different but it’s good food, good quality and well done therefore a success in my book.  Definitely worth a try.  It’s much more relaxing than most places I’ve tried in the area for breakfast not to mention the price is definitely right!

Chicken, Spinach & Onion Egg White Omelet – breakfast potatoes (I subbed fruit) & toasted baguette

Keedy’s – Palm Desert, CA

Like it says on the menu…this place truly is “A Blast From The Past”.  Established in 1957 I don’t think too much has changed since then and it’s a good thing.  That’s where this old-fashioned diner gets it’s charm.  There are NO frills here but if you’re looking for the best breakfast in town (remember, no frills), this is your spot.  I go every time I’m in town and usually order the exact same thing.  Chorizo and eggs with well done hash browns and flour tortillas.  My mom and husband are devoted fans of their popular thin pancakes.  I’m just not a pancake girl but if I were, this would be the place to get them.  Next time you’re in the desert, this is your spot.

The Hilltop at The Carneros Inn – Napa, CA 

Over Memorial Day weekend this year I had the pleasure of spending the long weekend with some good college friends at the lovely Carneros Inn where we passed the time eating, drinking and sitting poolside.  It was the perfect weekend!  Especially since my fiancé was celebrating his bachelor party in Vegas:)

One of my all time favorite breakfast items to get at the Hilltop, located by check-in and the adult only pool, is their Crispy Tortilla and Farm Eggs.  I’m a sucker for any sort of breakfast dish with chorizo so it’s no wonder this one always calls my name.  As heavy as it might seem, it’s really not especially because the portion size isn’t crazy and your friends/family will always want a bite.  If you like chorizo and eggs, this one’s for you!

*Just a heads up – The Hilltop is only open on the weekends.  I’ve been there a few times during the week and have been insanely disappointed to figure that out.  Otherwise the Boon Fly Café is open every day of the week and is great as well.

Crispy Tortilla and Farm Eggs – Ranchero sauce, chorizo, black beans, queso fresco and salsa verde

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