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momofuku milk bar – New York, NY

After our ever so satisfying lunch at momofuku noodle bar, we walked a few blocks to David Chang’s milk bar (yes…we are that glutinous) and indulged in a few treats that our friends recommended.

Oh the choices!  Thank god we already had recommendations.The first…a Compost Cookie which my good friend Jamie from jamie of all trades aka JOAT blogged about AND that my good friend Jen from Sweet Jennies sent me after one of her NYC trips.  Thanks girls!The second…birthday truffles.  Another recommendation from Jen.  Holy $#@! these are good!  I typically don’t like overly sweet things (and I could only eat half of one) but these are outrageously good and I would get them again.  I just found out you can order them online too.  Great treat to send a friend!Ira happy with his cereal milk:)

momofuku noodle bar – New York, NY

I’m a big fan of David Chang’s and have been dying to try one of his restaurants.  What’s funny is that the whole time we were in NYC I thought we were going to momofuku ssåm bar but when I googled the address this one came up instead so we went there by accident but things happen for a reason and this was a great mistake.

We got to the restaurant at 11:50am only to be greeted by a line.  Luckily it wasn’t too large and by the time the doors opened we got a prized spot at the bar overlooking the kitchen.  In any restaurant that has counter seating by the kitchen, I LOVE sitting there.  I enjoy seeing the chefs at work, hearing their conversation and jokes and as one of my culinary instructors once said, “the ballet”, referring to the chefs working together in a small open space without talking but avoiding getting in each others way.

Back to the food:)  Everything we ordered was so good!  My favorite thing of all were the shrimp buns.  Wowzers…I could eat a lot of those!  I also ordered the special ramen of the day – a red miso ramen with prawns and arugula.  Great choice by me:)

Next time I’m in NYC I’d love to try the ssåm bar since we missed it but so far I can say David Chang is living up to my expectations.

Brussels Sprouts – spåetzle, sausage, mustard (there was also some fresh cubed apple on top which added a nice touch of acidity)Grilled Octopus – scallion kimchi, Chinese sausage, squash (pepitas and arugula added a nice touch to this dish as well…fresh greens and a little texture is always good)Shrimp Buns – spicy mayo, pickled shallot, iceburgI love you!Red Miso Ramen – Mayan prawns, hijiki, arugula

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