The Hilltop at The Carneros Inn – Napa, CA

The Hilltop at The Carneros Inn – Napa, CA 

Over Memorial Day weekend this year I had the pleasure of spending the long weekend with some good college friends at the lovely Carneros Inn where we passed the time eating, drinking and sitting poolside.  It was the perfect weekend!  Especially since my fiancé was celebrating his bachelor party in Vegas:)

One of my all time favorite breakfast items to get at the Hilltop, located by check-in and the adult only pool, is their Crispy Tortilla and Farm Eggs.  I’m a sucker for any sort of breakfast dish with chorizo so it’s no wonder this one always calls my name.  As heavy as it might seem, it’s really not especially because the portion size isn’t crazy and your friends/family will always want a bite.  If you like chorizo and eggs, this one’s for you!

*Just a heads up – The Hilltop is only open on the weekends.  I’ve been there a few times during the week and have been insanely disappointed to figure that out.  Otherwise the Boon Fly Café is open every day of the week and is great as well.

Crispy Tortilla and Farm Eggs – Ranchero sauce, chorizo, black beans, queso fresco and salsa verde

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  1. This is where my friend Mara is getting married next year! We stopped by on our way to SF after your wedding—it’s so cute, and now I can’t wait to eat there!

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