Wild Ginger – Seattle, WA

Wild Ginger – Seattle, WA

Anyone from Seattle knows that Wild Ginger has been around for a long time.  In fact, whenever my dad and I would have a dinner date back…oh about 15+ yrs ago…I would always request Wild Ginger.  It’s still a favorite of mine downtown that I don’t go to all the time but when I do I love everything I get.  On a cold summer day this July I was craving their Seven Element Soup.  Only available for lunch, you can get a starter size or a bowl.  I’ve only gotten the small size and it’s definitely filling so unless you’re starving I think that would be just plenty.

PS – they give you a nice little bib to wear while you eat this soup because the turmeric in it is killer on your clothes and will permanently stain…just FYI!

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