Bearfoot Bistro – Whistler, BC Canada

Bearfoot Bistro – Whistler, BC Canada

I just returned from spending 6 weeks in Whistler working at Bearfoot Bistro to complete my Le Cordon Bleu culinary education.  I chose to do my externship there with Executive Chef Melissa Craig because I’ve been fortunate enough to experience dinner there a handful of times and have said that it was one of my top 5 meals of all time.  That’s saying a lot!  There’s something about the way Chef Craig composes her menus using as much local ingredients as possible bringing together the unexpected.  Absolutely delicious and worth the trip and money.  Go for a special event if you need to justify the price:)

There are two menu options – the prefix 3 course menu where you choose a starter, entree and dessert.  The other is the chef’s menu which is a 5 course tasting menu.  If you’re adventuresome try the chef’s menu.  You can let your server know if there are things you don’t care for or have allergies to.

Price: $$$$

Cuisine: Modern Canadian

Noteworthy for: their state of the art wine/champagne cellar where you can saber a bottle of champagne and their oh-so-chilly negative 18 degrees celsius Belvedere vodka room.  Pictures in this room turn out great by the way!

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