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mbar – Seattle, WA

Friends recently recommended this as a great place for dinner and an amazing view so my husband and I tried it out on one of our date nights.  I think it’s safe to say this will be a new one in our rotation.   And what’s even better is that once the nice weather hits the roof deck will be so on point!

First impression was “wow…we’re somewhere really hip!”.  You’re greeting by a hostess at a podium on the ground floor where they check for your reservation then lead you to an elevator that takes you to the 14th floor.  Once at the top you go down a long hallway and turn the corner where you finally see the space and views.  Something about the whole process makes this place feel very exclusive and cool.  I’ve only experienced this twice before, once at Vue du Monde and the other at our very own Nest at The Thompson.

Everything we ate was memorable and I’d order the exact same thing again.  It’s the kind of place where you want to lick your plates clean.  Their craft cocktails are just as notable.  Perfect place to meet a friend or loved one (or perhaps a future one:)).  Go!



roasted cauliflower hummus with tahini & rice beans


black spaghetti with dungeness crab, trout roe, lime leaf, meyer lemon & brioche breadcrumbs


grilled trout with avocado, sumac, labneh & fenugreek


the mbar: dark chocolate bar with sesame nougat & tamarind caramel



Serious Biscuit – Seattle, WA

Tom Douglas’ Serious Biscuit is just as divine as the name:)  Seriously…how can you really go wrong when everything on the menu revolves around a buttery and flaky biscuit?!  My first time there I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Biscuit which included a fried egg, bacon and remoulade.  Absolutely delicious in every way!  The fried tomato gave it a nice crunch all the while being nice and juicy inside, the bacon…well…the bacon was just awesome, the fried egg is what should be on top of everything in my opinion and last but not least the remoulade added a great kick of flavor to the whole thing.  Awesome!  I would get this again.

My husband went for exactly what I thought he would…”The Zach” – fried chicken, gravy, an egg and bacon all on a biscuit.  I think that’s everyone’s hangover dream:)  And in this case my husband wasn’t hungover so it was just pure bliss on a normal midday afternoon.

My second time there I decided to go for a “healthier” option and ordered the Fried Chicken Chop Salad. Perfect!  There was just the right amount of fried chicken on top of the freshest salad.  There were radishes, carrots and tasty feta cheese in there too.  And don’t forget about the biscuit that came on the side.  Of course I nibbled on it:)

There’s nothing too “light” about this place but you won’t regret going there and guaranteed you’ll be back soon after.

Cactus South Lake Union- Seattle, WA

The new South Lake Union Cactus is officially open and it’s very deserving of your attention.  Located next door to Tom Douglas’ Cuoco and Brave Horse Tavern on the corner of Terry and Harrison, it’s ideal for Amazon employees and those enjoying the newly revamped area as much as I am.

This is the 4th Cactus to open and overall a breath of fresh air with the decor mixing new with mid-century.  It stands out from the previous 3 locations decor wise but the food remains the same and is still outstanding!  Another exciting detail is that come summer time, there will be ample outdoor seating which we all know is hard to find in Seattle.

Favorites dishes of mine include: Navajo Fry Bread (amazing!!!), Spiced Caesar, Sonoran Spa Chicken, Chimayo Enchiladas, Pescado Tacos, and then the Flan for dessert…it’s the best I’ve ever had!

Check out the awesome lanterns!

Cowhide booths?  Love them!!!

My delicious Prickly Pear Margarita

One of the specials that night – Negro Modelo Braised Short Rib Tacos with house-made corn tortillas, smoked Oaxacan and cotija cheeses, and sour red cabbage…delicious!  These should be on the permanent menu:)

I forgot to mention the cool art

A view of the bar from the private dining area above

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