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Boat Street Cafe – Seattle, WA

Another Renee Erickson favorite of mine, Boat Street Cafe is one of my go to places for lunch.  They also offer brunch and dinner (on most days/nights).  The ingredients are such great quality and the food isn’t fussy which is so refreshing sometimes.

One of my favorite lunch items is the chicken sandwich with fresh basil and lemon pepper mayonnaise.  I’ve attempted to recreate it at home and have to say, I’m not that far off.  But the original is always better:)  Their baguettes are from Columbia City Bakery and are some of the best in the city!

Magali Tomato SoupPotato and Salmon Cakes with Remoulade, Fresh Beets, Salad and Baguette…another favorite of mine!

Katz’s Delicatessen – New York, NY

Another spot on Anthony Bourdain’s 13 Places to Eat Before You Die and deserving of the spot it is!  A New York legend, the deli sits in the same spot it was founded in in 1888.  Known for their pastrami my husband and I decided to split two ruebens, one made with corned beef and the other pastrami.  Pastrami was the winner but both were excellent!

If you haven’t been I think this should be on your list for sure.  To make yourself feel better try and walk there from wherever you’re staying.  You’ll need it to digest once you’re done:)

Once you order your sandwich, the kind people behind the counter will give you a slice of whatever meat it is your ordered.  Ours was hot and damn good…definitely makes you anticipate the sandwich even more:)You also get these two kinds of pickles with your order.  My favorite were the dills.The pastrami rueben…and the corned beef…yes please!

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ – Kansas City, KS

If there’s one thing I love the midwest for it’s their damn good BBQ!  (And all my friends who live there too:))  On my first trip out to Kansas City, my brother-in-law, whose’s originally from Wichita, took us to this fine establishment.  Actually, it’s in a gas station but once you get inside it’s not scary at all.  The menu is huge and it’s a little overwhelming but I finally narrowed down my selection to the Carolina Style Brisket Sandwich  – served on a bun with spicy slaw and Bubba’s Sauce.   We also got a side of beans and coleslaw.  There’s plenty of extra BBQ sauce on the table which I used liberally.

Let me just tell you that I loved this sandwich so much that when I was back in Kansas City for a wedding this June, yes…twice in one year, we had our friends pick us up sandwiches and had them waiting for us when we flew in.  I think it will be a new tradition when I go to Kansas City…and it might just be the reason I go there:)

Not only am I a fan but so is Anthony Bourdain.  In fact, he wrote in an article for Men’s Health which included Oklahoma Joe’s as on of the 13 places to eat before you die.  Also on that list were El Bulli and The French Laundry.  Here’s a quote from the article:

“People may disagree on who has the best barbecue,” he writes. “Here, the brisket (particularly the burnt ends), pulled pork, and ribs are all of a quality that meet the high standards even of Kansas City natives. It’s the best barbecue in Kansas City, which makes it the best barbecue in the world.”

*My husband gets The Z-Man Sandwich – brisket, smoked provolone, topped w/ two onion rings on a kaiser bun.  I’ve had a bite and it’s pretty tasty.

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