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Osteria delle Tre Panche – Florence, Italy

For those that love truffles, consider this place heaven!  I have NEVER seen more truffles in my life!  First off, this teeny little locals spot is about a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the center of Florence.  Some have said they’ve walked but at night I would recommend the ride.  Reservations are a must and don’t expect to see any tourists here.  “Tre Panche” translates to three benches which is exactly how much space there is in this restaurant – it’s small!  It’s truly a hidden gem.

Because we were only in Florence for a few nights, we indulged in every meal.  We ordered way too much but I have no regrets.  There are definitely dishes I would recommend, and others that I would say you can skip.  For water, 2 bottles of wine (yes…we had 2 bottles of wine:)) and 7 dishes, our meal ended up being €148 which is about $192.  The truffle beef tartare was exactly what you would expect – a delicious starter to the meal.  The artichoke pie with truffles was very good!  Large enough for a group to share and smothered with truffles.  The cheese ravioli with fresh truffle was rich and creamy as it should be.  Not something I could eat an entire plate of but perfect to share with someone.  The cheesecake for dessert is a MUST!!!  It’s unbelievable!  I’m not even sure how to give it justice so just know that you need to save room for it:)  Truly the best I’ve ever had!!!

Dishes to skip are any without truffles…well, maybe that’s just me:)  As much as I love ragu, this one was over salted which was a shame because we probably would have eaten the entire plate no problem.  I would probably give it a second chance though.  The fried veal milanese was a disappointment.  It was pounded so thin that after being breaded and deep fried – you couldn’t even taste the veal.  I wanted it to be great but it was a definite miss.

Next time you’re in Florence, make this a must but shhh…don’t tell too many people about it!

Cascina Spinasse – Seattle, WA

I LOVE this place!  Hands down my favorite pasta in the city.  Located in Capitol Hill, Spinasse is such a charming restaurant that recently doubled in size.  That being said though, it’s still tough to get a table on short notice so I highly recommend reservations, especially if there are more than two of you.

There are so many reasons I love this place but the food and overall atmosphere are the clear winners in my book.  The space is so cozy and rustic feeling and having the kitchen open to customers is such a fun treat.  With the new addition, you’re able to see the pasta maker at work and have an even bigger view into the busy yet calm kitchen.  Personally, I love sitting at counters where you can have a casual conversation with the waiters.

Every time I get the chance to eat here I always order the Tajarin al Ragu.  I can eat an entire bowl by myself, however if by chance I have leftovers, I have to say they are SO much better the next day like any pasta dish is.  The Tajarin Burro e Saliva (butter and sage) is just as delicious with clean flavors and just as much as a taste bud impact.  Drizzle some truffle oil on there and that’s what I call the perfect dish! *Truffle oil not included…I use it at home on my leftovers:)

GO GO GO…you won’t be disappointed!

The oh-so-yummy tajarin al ragu (I get it every time)

Tajarin burro e salvia (butter and sage)

Milk braised pork shoulder

A delicious gelato terrine..yum!!!

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