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Time and time again you’re on your way to a friend or family member’s house for dinner and you ask yourself, “What should I bring?”.  The standard bottle of wine is always a safe bet but if you want to switch it up and bring something that will stand out here are a few suggestions…

You can find these cute mini latte bowls from Anthropologie and the best part is that they’re totally affordable and won’t break the bank.  I have these in practically every color and use them all the time for dips and spreads:)What a cute gift…a rosemary tree!  This one I happened to pick up at Whole Foods.  It’s fun and festive and great to give to someone you know likes to cook.  There’s even a booklet with recipes using rosemary attached to it.  Just add a fun bow and it’s all set!Find cute monogrammed stationary for a friend and tie a cute bow around it…tah dah!Homemade treats are always a great gift.  Whether it’s caramels, seasoning salts or this parmesan dipping sauce…there’s something about “homemade” that you just can’t beat!  I was given these cute labels for Christmas last year and they always come in handy for times like this:)

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