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Sakis – Mykonos, Greece

While strolling around the island of Mykonos we came upon Sakis, a very popular gyro spot to both locals and tourists.  The fact that it was packed was a great sign!  I’m not sure if you know this but in Greece, traditional gyros have fries in them…kind of like a California burrito…amazing!  How come we don’t do that in the states?  I opted for the authentic “pita gyro” made with pork and topped with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions and fries…SO good!  This place is busy for a reason.  By far the best on the island!  And you can’t beat the price – €2.50 euro – cheap!



Nikos Gyros – Seattle, WA

Not too long ago my dad asked me to join him for lunch and suggested Nikos in Magnolia.  I had never been but am always willing to try a new (new to me) Greek spot.  It’s easy to spot with the blue and white exterior and the Greek flag proudly hanging outside.  You have to love that it’s still family run and is genuinely a cute little neighborhood spot.  Nothing crazy and lavish…great authentic food at affordable prices.  *I ate light this day (soup and salad) however my dad enjoyed a Greek stable…the gyro!  And boy did it look good.  I would recommend that if you go…that or the Chicken Souvlaki which I hear is a fan favorite.

Avgolemono – a very traditional Greek soup consisting of egg, lemon, chicken, chicken broth and rice. I LOVE it!  It’s what I grew up eating…kind of like the Greek version of chicken noodle soup (but better:)).  The lemon brightens it up and adds that much more flavor.  Try it!

Saint Demetrios Greek Festival – Seattle, WA

This is something I look forward to every year.  As a young girl my family and I used to attend church at Saint Demetrios and every year when the Greek Festival would roll around I would beg my parents to let me work the pop machine…coolest job EVER!  I have fond fond memories of the festival and love that it’s still around and going strong.

My husband and I moved back to Seattle 3 1/2 years ago and conveniently settled into the Montlake area where our house is in walking distance to the church.  Don’t misunderstand me here…I’m not going to church on Sundays, I’m going to the Greek Festival everyday I possibly can when it happens the one weekend out of the year.  Oh how I love the gyros, spanakopita and loukoumades.  Being a good Greek girl, I’ve learned most of the traditional recipes that I grew up on and make them quite often at home so I definitely get my fix but experiencing it straight from the source is a totally difference experience all together.

If you missed it this year there’s always next.  Just remember that it’s always in September on the weekend when the Huskies have an away game.  Opa!

The star of the day…the Gyro!

Kalamari (Greeks use a lot of K’s) – something I’ve never had at the festival but it was really good and topped with a little tzatziki which was a great addition and very tasty!

Meatballs over rice…can you really go wrong here?

Pastitsio – this is one of my favorite Greek dishes

Dolmathes – not ‘Dolmas’ people!

Spanakopita and Tiropeta (mine’s better I swear!)

Loukoumades…AAAAMAZING!  Little fried nuggets of goodness in a honey glaze and topped with cinnamon…need I say anymore?

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