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Serious Biscuit – Seattle, WA

Tom Douglas’ Serious Biscuit is just as divine as the name:)  Seriously…how can you really go wrong when everything on the menu revolves around a buttery and flaky biscuit?!  My first time there I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Biscuit which included a fried egg, bacon and remoulade.  Absolutely delicious in every way!  The fried tomato gave it a nice crunch all the while being nice and juicy inside, the bacon…well…the bacon was just awesome, the fried egg is what should be on top of everything in my opinion and last but not least the remoulade added a great kick of flavor to the whole thing.  Awesome!  I would get this again.

My husband went for exactly what I thought he would…”The Zach” – fried chicken, gravy, an egg and bacon all on a biscuit.  I think that’s everyone’s hangover dream:)  And in this case my husband wasn’t hungover so it was just pure bliss on a normal midday afternoon.

My second time there I decided to go for a “healthier” option and ordered the Fried Chicken Chop Salad. Perfect!  There was just the right amount of fried chicken on top of the freshest salad.  There were radishes, carrots and tasty feta cheese in there too.  And don’t forget about the biscuit that came on the side.  Of course I nibbled on it:)

There’s nothing too “light” about this place but you won’t regret going there and guaranteed you’ll be back soon after.

Red Mill Burgers – Seattle, WA

Best burger in Seattle!!!  There are a lot of contenders but I personally think this one is the best!  It was even featured on an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”.

My go to burger is the Red Mill Deluxe w/ Cheese…it’s perfect!  Juicy 1/4 lb patty, American cheese, Mill Sauce, tomato, pickle and onion (I ask for mine grilled).  I always get fries…my own because my husband has learned that if we “share” I will still manage to eat them all.  I’m a french fry fiend.  I also top off this low calorie meal with a sparkling lemonade.  It’s kind of like a treat to me.  I normally only drink water (unless it’s dinner and there’s wine around) but this sparkling lemonade is amazing!  SO fizzy and refreshing…I love it!

My husband and most people I know go for the Bacon Deluxe w/ Cheese.  The bacon is incredible…peppery and crisped to perfection:)  I also love the Red Mill Chicken Sandwich when I’m feeling like something not so greasy.  Enjoy!

Lola – Seattle, WA

Best breakfast in town!!!  Some families have a special Sunday breakfast tradition that consists of waffles, bacon, sweet rolls, etc…in our house we skip the cooking and go downtown to Lola.  If we’re lucky we’ll grab two seats at the bar where the vibe is casual and you can usually catch a football game on.

We usually order the same thing every time – my husband gets the Eggs Benedict and I get the Greek Scramble.  This time however I ventured out of my comfort zone and got the Truffled Crimini Omelette (made as a scramble) which had fontina and chives in it served with smoked bacon, their famous smashed garlic fried potatoes and toast…DELICIOUS!!!  I would order this again in a heartbeat!

Another thing we always order are the donuts.  They’re made to order and served with a seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone…whoa…a little too good:)

Not surprising that we love this place…it’s one of Tom Douglas’ many but he’s clearly doing something right because all of them are amazing in their own unique way.  Lola is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is described as Mediterranean meets North Africa…an interesting yet successful blend of cuisines in my opinion.

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