Bateau – Seattle, WA

My oh my this place is a beauty!  From the perfect interior design choices to the awesome meat cooler on display, Renee Erickson (along with her partners at Sea Creatures), has opened another stunner.  Bateau is going to get a lot of press and it will all be well deserved.  The focus is grass-finished beef (soon to be from their own farm on Whidbey Island) from Burk Ridge Farms and Painted Hills that is butchered and dry-aged in house.

I have no problem admitting that yes, I’m that person that typically orders fish at a steakhouse.  It’s not that I don’t care for meat but I just gravitate towards seafood most of the time.  Not here.  I couldn’t resist the filet topped with browned butter and preserved lemon (you get your choice of butter – nori bonito, brown butter and preserved lemon, bone marrow or anchovy).  My husband got the ribeye with the same butter.  Both were outstanding!  I couldn’t eat the full 8oz but it was delicious the second day with eggs for breakfast.  The steaks are served a la carte but there are so many great sides to accompany them.  We decided on the frites and aioli, roasted mushrooms and swiss chard.  We also started with the steak tartare (served with homemade potato chips) and octopus.  Both were unbelievable.  The octopus was served so beautifully like I’ve never seen before, sliced into little coin like disks topped with a small dots of burnt lemon, roasted pepper and ink aioli.

You’ll most definitely need a reservation to eat here so get one soon before they get more attention.  Bravo Renee!

IMG_0224 2

Octopus – burnt lemon, peppers, in aioli

IMG_0226 2

Steak Tartare – egg yolk, fried potatoes

IMG_0227 2

Filet – Burk Ridge, Custer, WA, grass finished & dry aged 30 days, 8oz

IMG_0230 2

Frites & Aioli

IMG_0228 2

Roasted Mushrooms – egg yolk, toasted garlic

IMG_0229 2

Swiss Chard – garlic, preserved lemon, créme fraîche

IMG_0232 2

Boat Street Bread Pudding – rum butter cream

IMG_0234 2IMG_0238 2

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Sydney, Australia

There are two Rockpool’s in Sydney, the original Rockpool near the Rocks and then Rockpool Bar & Grill located in the old City Mutual Life Building.  We went to the Bar & Grill as per a suggestion and I can see why.  The building itself is stunning, complete with tall ceilings with marble columns, it definitely makes a statement when you walk in.  The bar is lively and a great place to grab a drink before dinner.

Our meal was so satisfying from start to finish.   The tuna tartare was incredible and so unique mostly due to the ingredients used.  The eggplant, cumin and harissa were so genius and new to me…I loved it!  I only wish there was a Rockpool near me so I could go and get that dish more often.  It made an otherwise light dish taste a little meatier.  Get it if you go!

Another standout dish was the side we ordered – oven roast pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic yogurt and burnt butter…YUMMMMM!!!!  I’m definitely going to try and recreate this at home.  The portion was huge otherwise I probably would have eaten the whole plate.

The menu is quite large and as daunting as it might be to narrow down your selections I’m under the impression (due to our order and fabulous meal) that you can’t make a bad choice here.  A dish that a few people recommended that we didn’t order was the potato and cabbage gratin.  Sounds interesting!

Butter lettuce, cherry tomato, avocado, and jalapeño chili salad

Yellow Fin tuna tartare, Moroccan eggplant, cumin mayonnaise, and harissa

Seared King prawns with goat cheese tortellini, burnt butter, pine nuts and raisins

Charcoal oven roast pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic yogurt and burnt butter

Cape Grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed rib-eye on the bone

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