Globus – Ketchum, ID

Globus – Ketchum, ID

Many years ago I lived in beautiful Ketchum (Sun Valley), Idaho.  It had been 7 years since I was there last and boy has it changed!  Not in a bad way but it’s definitely growing and getting spruced up.  Globus used to be situated in a funky old building along North Main Street as you were heading down towards Grumpy’s.  Now it’s in a modern new building on Washington, between First and Second.

I was with a group of 10 ladies so we ordered a lot and ate family style.  Our bill ended up being only $20 per person (not including alcohol).  So reasonable!  On a nice summer night be sure to mention you’d like to sit upstairs on the roof deck.  Definitely the best seat in the place with great views of Dollar Mtn as well as downtown Ketchum.


Much Chein – calamari, black pepper, lime, Thai sweet chili vinegar


Hamachi Crudo – habanero-cilantro oil, yucca root chip, mango mojo, serrano


Sweet & Sour Chili Glazed Brussels Sprouts – sesame seeds, lemon zest


Crispy Fish – garlic broccoli, scallion egg noodles, sweet and sour sauce


Pad Thai – seasonal vegetables, baby shiitake, basil, roasted peanuts, tamarind, lime, rice noodles


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