The Good Things – Almond Butter

I’ve never been a huge peanut butter fan which completely baffles my husband.  I’m not sure if it’s just too sweet for me or what.  Once almond butter became a fad, I started using it and liked the fact that it wasn’t as sugary however, I was frustrated by the grainy texture.  That is until I found out about Barney Butter from my Cooks Illustrated magazine.  Each month they do a review of products (from BBQ’s to dried pasta) and Barney Butter was at the top of their list.  Something that really stood out to me in the description was that Barney Butter is made without the skins of the almonds which gives it the smooth texture like traditional peanut butter…exactly what I was looking for!  They even have a crunchy version if that’s your preference.

In comparison to peanut butter, Barney Butter has only 7% saturated fat (vs. 18%), 14% fiber (vs. 8%), 8% calcium (vs. 0%), 8% iron (vs. 2%), 25% Vitamin E (vs. 13%), and 20% Magnesium (vs. 13%).  Although the calories are almost identical to peanut butter, I think the increased amounts of other nutrients/vitamins makes this the clear winner!

Go to your local Whole Foods or order some HERE


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