Vitea – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Vitea – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is always a must for breakfast when we make our way down to PV.  Although they’re open for lunch and dinner as well, I’ve only ever been for breakfast.  I get the same thing every time…the chilaquiles with chicken.  It’s large and can easily be shared.  I think about this dish a lot when I’m gone and always look forward to going back when I’m in town.  The beans that are served with it are SO good…I could probably go for two servings of those:)  I almost forgot to mention that with your breakfast you get a selection of sweet breads to munch on.  My personal favorite is the sugar one…yum!  You won’t be sorry you went here.  The food is outstanding, the service is great and the location gives you a great view of the ocean along with some great people watching.  (Dogs are welcome outside!)

  1. Brent said:

    Vitea is a great restaurant for sure. I visited in February and had their Ravioli Shrimp Jalapeno dish. The meal was SO DELICIOUS and although it might sound funny but I actually had two servings. I recommend you try this dish next time you visit the restaurant for lunch or supper. You will not regret it, I promise.

    • Thanks for the recommendations…I’ll have to try that dish next time I’m down there!

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