Dick’s – Seattle, WA

Dick’s – Seattle, WA

Ask anyone from Seattle and I’m sure they’ll all say that they love Dick’s.  Unless of course they’re transplants, in which case they might say that the fries are “soggy” or that the burgers “aren’t anything special”…well, they’re wrong!  Especially at 1am after a night of drinking:)  No but seriously, Dick’s burgers are something I grew up eating and still love to this day.  They’re old school with their greasy bun, greasy fries that turn the bag translucent and soft drinks with shaved ice.  And the prices!!!  Come on…you can’t beat them!  The most expensive burger on the menu (the Deluxe) is $2.70.  Fries…$1.50.  And you have to get the tartar for dipping!  It’s not like your typical fish & chips tartar…it’s a little sweet with hints of pickle.  It’s perfect and I don’t share, just ask my husband:)  If I’m feeling like something special I get the Special which is a burger with the tartar on it.  SO good!  Just be sure that you have cash…that’s all they take.

I know this cheeseburger might look wimpy but it’s not!  It’s simple, made with fresh ingredients and will leave you wanting to come back for another one.

Oh the fries…how I love them so much!  They’re made daily with fresh potatoes and are devoured quickly:)

  1. Grant said:

    Great memories (or lack of) eating at Dick’s late night with you!

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