Eltana – Seattle, WA

Eltana – Seattle, WA

New to the Capitol Hill area, Eltana is the place to go when you need a bagel fix.  Made fresh right there, the bagels are hand-rolled and wood-fired giving each bite the most deliciously mild smoky flavor.  There are sweet and savory spreads (aka cream cheese) to choose from, from honey almond to fava bean mint as well as different kind of bagels.

I opted for more than just a bagel for lunch…their Shakshuka which is an Israeli pepper and tomato stew that they put two poached eggs in…SO good!  I would definitely go back again for that.  And it’s rather healthy (minus the bagel and cream cheese on the side:))

Shakshuka – Israeli pepper, tomato and egg stew

*Our friend Justin Kane Elder made the wall sized crossword shown here.  I haven’t participated but every week there’s a new crossword puzzle that you can get a copy of and do while you enjoy your food.  Something different and fun!

  1. You have to get more than just a bagel here b/c they are SO small! Ask Wak how she feels about Eltana. 🙂

  2. I love that you can do crossword puzzles while eating! How fun and what a unique idea! 🙂

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