Globus – Ketchum, ID

Many years ago I lived in beautiful Ketchum (Sun Valley), Idaho.  It had been 7 years since I was there last and boy has it changed!  Not in a bad way but it’s definitely growing and getting spruced up.  Globus used to be situated in a funky old building along North Main Street as you were heading down towards Grumpy’s.  Now it’s in a modern new building on Washington, between First and Second.

I was with a group of 10 ladies so we ordered a lot and ate family style.  Our bill ended up being only $20 per person (not including alcohol).  So reasonable!  On a nice summer night be sure to mention you’d like to sit upstairs on the roof deck.  Definitely the best seat in the place with great views of Dollar Mtn as well as downtown Ketchum.


Much Chein – calamari, black pepper, lime, Thai sweet chili vinegar


Hamachi Crudo – habanero-cilantro oil, yucca root chip, mango mojo, serrano


Sweet & Sour Chili Glazed Brussels Sprouts – sesame seeds, lemon zest


Crispy Fish – garlic broccoli, scallion egg noodles, sweet and sour sauce


Pad Thai – seasonal vegetables, baby shiitake, basil, roasted peanuts, tamarind, lime, rice noodles


Bateau – Seattle, WA

My oh my this place is a beauty!  From the perfect interior design choices to the awesome meat cooler on display, Renee Erickson (along with her partners at Sea Creatures), has opened another stunner.  Bateau is going to get a lot of press and it will all be well deserved.  The focus is grass-finished beef (soon to be from their own farm on Whidbey Island) from Burk Ridge Farms and Painted Hills that is butchered and dry-aged in house.

I have no problem admitting that yes, I’m that person that typically orders fish at a steakhouse.  It’s not that I don’t care for meat but I just gravitate towards seafood most of the time.  Not here.  I couldn’t resist the filet topped with browned butter and preserved lemon (you get your choice of butter – nori bonito, brown butter and preserved lemon, bone marrow or anchovy).  My husband got the ribeye with the same butter.  Both were outstanding!  I couldn’t eat the full 8oz but it was delicious the second day with eggs for breakfast.  The steaks are served a la carte but there are so many great sides to accompany them.  We decided on the frites and aioli, roasted mushrooms and swiss chard.  We also started with the steak tartare (served with homemade potato chips) and octopus.  Both were unbelievable.  The octopus was served so beautifully like I’ve never seen before, sliced into little coin like disks topped with a small dots of burnt lemon, roasted pepper and ink aioli.

You’ll most definitely need a reservation to eat here so get one soon before they get more attention.  Bravo Renee!

IMG_0224 2

Octopus – burnt lemon, peppers, in aioli

IMG_0226 2

Steak Tartare – egg yolk, fried potatoes

IMG_0227 2

Filet – Burk Ridge, Custer, WA, grass finished & dry aged 30 days, 8oz

IMG_0230 2

Frites & Aioli

IMG_0228 2

Roasted Mushrooms – egg yolk, toasted garlic

IMG_0229 2

Swiss Chard – garlic, preserved lemon, créme fraîche

IMG_0232 2

Boat Street Bread Pudding – rum butter cream

IMG_0234 2IMG_0238 2

Giada – Las Vegas, NV

During a fun 48 hr getaway to Vegas with some girlfriends, I got the opportunity to indulge in Giada’s new restaurant which was conventionally located in my hotel, The Cromwell.  I’m a huge fan of Giada’s food and have been wanting to try her restaurant for a while now.  I can whole heartedly say it did not disappoint.  Everything we had was so flavorful and different.  Even the butter was upgraded with mascarpone and lemon.  Hello delicious!

Standout dishes include the grilled artichokes with lemon aioli, the imported burrata with balsamic salt and the tortellini with pea pesto, pancetta and mint.  The desserts were divine!  I can’t remember exactly what they were but they were seasonal and such a great end to our amazing meal.


Orzo Meatballs with parmesan pomodoro


Grilled Artichokes with lemon aioli


Wood Roasted Mushrooms with toasted marcona almonds & ricotta salata


Imported Burrata with balsamic-salt


Arugula, candied lemon, crispy pancetta & parmigiano-reggiano


Tortellini, pea pesto, pancetta & mint


Ravioli, lobster, asparagus tips & tarragon


Pappardelle, pork ragout, parmigiano-reggiano


Spaghetti, shrimp, lemon & basil


Goldfinch Tavern – Seattle, WA

Ethan Stowell has added yet another restaurant to his already long list.  What used to be Art Restaurant & Lounge is now Goldfinch Tavern in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel downtown.  The views are priceless and an added bonus to the great food.  The menu is very Pacific Northwest heavy with oysters, geoduck, and King salmon which I’ll never get enough of even though I live here.  I saw a number of burgers go by the table which looked mouth watering.  Next time:)  Whether you’re downtown after work, meeting an out of town guest, or simply on a local night out, this spot should be on your list of places to try.  I should mention that the portion sizes are very generous.  I ordered the Beet & Dungeness Crab Salad to start and was too full for my entree by the time it came.  At least it’s nice knowing you get your money’s worth.


Fried Olives – castelvetranos


King Salmon Tartare – fennel salad, lemon sauce, smoked trout caviar


Beet & Dungeness Crab Salad – watercress, gribiche sauce, tarragon


Wild King Salmon – bacon hash, green garlic, mushrooms


Rocky S’More Sundae – hot fudge, graham crunch, house-made marshmallows


Naka – Seattle, WA

When my husband and I went here last month, we had the choice of two menus, the a la carte menu or the kaiseki menu (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).   With the kaiseki menu we then had three choices, the Tasting Menu (5 or 7 courses I can’t remember), the Naka Kaiseki (10 course tasting menu) or the Chef Kaiseki (15 course menu which requires a weeks notice).  We went with the Naka Kaiseki because why not?!  We were also told that the chef’s intention was to eventually limit the menu to just the kaiseki one and have the a la carte become the bar menu.  Looking at their site right now I see they’ve made that transition.  I hope this doesn’t discourage people from trying this restaurant because the tasting menu was outstanding.  When you hear 7-15 courses, I think most people think that sounds like a lot but some of the courses were just one bite.  Very simple clean food so we both left feeling satisfied and not the least bit full, refreshing actually.

The presentation was stunning and the flavors were outstanding.  I highly recommend Naka if you appreciate great Japanese cuisine.  The bill can get a little steep so it’s the perfect place for a special occasion.  I should also mention that we enjoyed the wine pairing as well and the pours were very appropriate seeing there were 10 courses to be had.


Chop Shop – Seattle, WA

Go. Here. Now.  Absolutely delicious!  This was one of the most amazing meals I’ve had in a while.  I love that Seattle is becoming such a food driven city and that it’s one of those places that’s hard to keep up with now.  Ericka Burke of Volunteer Cafe has created the coolest space, keeping the exterior of the old building and transforming the interior into a modern urban hotspot.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will have plenty of excuses to go here.

We started with the Gioia Burrata.  When we read that it was served with brown butter we were sold.  Let me just tell you, this is by far the best burrata I’ve ever had because of that decadent brown butter.  Both my husband and I were sopping it up with our bread.  Unreal!  We shared everything but our main courses and if I had to do it all over again I would order exactly the same way.  Everything was as visually stunning as it was flavor-wise.  The menu is very seasonal so if I were you I’d rush in there now to take advantage of the last of summer.


Gioia Burrata – heirloom tomato, oregano, brown butter, pine nut


Gulf Prawns – Northwest bordelaise, smoked trout roe, English peas, purslane, grilled bread


Sugar Snap Peas – stone fruit, radish, carrot, onion petals, vadouvan yogurt


Grilled Octopus – fingerling potato, pickled leeks, red chimichurri, squid ink aioli


Bavette Steak – heirloom tomato, fingerling, marrow onion toast, soft herbs, balsamic


Summer Fruit – vanilla bean apricot puree, cultured cream, sweet cicely


Shake Shack – New York, NY

My husband and I try to get to NYC every year and after years of crossing off big hitters from our list of restaurants we finally indulged in Shake Shack for lunch.  Let’s just say we were disappointed we didn’t have more time in our schedule to go back.  It was that tasty!  Crinkle cut fries perfectly salted, a delicious cheeseburger (single or double) and the biggest mistake was not ordering wine and/or a concrete (frozen custard ice cream blended with whatever mix-in you desire).  Next time!  With 14 locations in New York alone, it’s not hard to find one close by.  I guarantee there will be a line out the door but it moves fast.

IMG_4608  IMG_4605


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